About us

Sedimy is the right way to start tattoos.

About Sedimy

We believe in the future and now more than ever you should have your tattoo. Tattoos are becoming a part of our lives. The tattoo pen is a good choice for tattooists to improve their tattoo skills. Our Tattoo provides a variety of tattoo equipment to meet the different needs of customers. Whether you are a beginner tattoo artist or a professional tattoo artist, you can find the right tools for you at Sedimy.

Our Story

Our founder, Cynthia, is a female tattoo artist with the ultimate pursuit of beauty. She has worked in tattoo culture for a long time, and having used many tattoo equipment that she knows what kind of equipment is best for a tattoo artist. So she wanted to create the best tattoo equipment and recommend them to everyone who loves tattoos.



Our Products

At Sedimy, you're sure to find what's right for you. Sedimy is committed to exploration and innovation, constantly updating products to provide you with safe, convenient and reliable tattoo products. From the motor and appearance design of the tattoo pen, to the wiring, power supply, and even the cartridge needle and tattoo ink, we have checked and selected it layer by layer.


Fast & Free Shipping

We strive to provide you with fast shipping services. You don't need to worry about not receiving the goods for a long time after placing the order. We offer free shipping to most areas. All orders will be shipped from our warehouse within 1-2 days after the order is confirmed.

Professional Packaging

Professional packaging will ensure the safety of your products. We will replace items damaged by shipping at no charge.

Secure Payment

All payments on our website will be secure. The transaction technology is provided by PayPal & Stripe.

Money Back Guarantee

We have a 30 day return policy. 

Professional Service

All your questions and emails will be answered within 24 hours. Email: service@sedimy.com

With a wide range of quality products, a well-trained customer care team, efficient and prompt service, timely delivery, Sedimy is indeed the name that you can trust! Please rest assured to buy in Sedimy, thank you for your support, and wish you a happy shopping.