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Sedimy Hidden Silver Wireless Tattoo Machine

Sedimy Hidden Silver Wireless Tattoo Machine

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Sedimy Hidden is a wireless tattoo machine, which offers you maximum freedom through cordless operation.

Sedimy Hidden Black Wireless Tattoo Machine
  • The Hollow Cup Motor (11000Rpm)

Low-vibration operation and efficiency

The hollow cup motor perfectly maintains comfortable during long working hours, insane power convenient for lining, shading and coloring.

Sedimy Hidden series wireless tattoo machine is ergonomic design, easy to cover, bottom noise, more effective to relieve fatigue, and portable for carring work outgoing.

11000Rpm Powerful Motor                 12V Max Work Voltage

Favvosee HIDDEN Matte Black Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine

  • Unparalleled Fast Charging

1.5h From 0 to Full

Sedimy Hidden wireless tattoo machine's charging time is only 1.5 hours with 2A charger (at 4V Min) and minimum of 8 hours working time, this wireless tattoo machine works with a rechargeable battery, which is convenient to charger by Type-C. Fast charge with last-long stable operation makes more beginner-friendly.

  • Protect control system

The circuit board control system protect when the battery overcharge.

8-10 working hours Per charge              

1800 mAh Total battery capacity

1.5 hours  0 to full charged               

1.8m Type-C charger

  • Digital Display

Sedimy Hidden wireless tattoo machine has LED-indicators, power indicators for a better workflow, the button is used to switch the tattoo machine on/off, pause it or adjust voltage mode (4 - 12V), which can perfectly master all tattoo techniques and styles.

Battery Capacity

Display precisely the percentage of battery

Chargeable Mode

Without power, shows charging with rechargeable battery

Work Voltage

The working voltage is 4 - 12V, adjustable between all tattoo techniques and styles

  • Portable replaceable

It comes with a removable power pack, portable and convenient for carrying work outgoing.

  • Magnetic rotating joint

This wireless tattoo machine works with portable rechargeable battery, say bye to traditional rotary joint, artists-friendly magnetic rotate is more convenient and fast.


Technical details

Motor: High stability and powerful motor

Starting Voltage: 5.0V drives the silicone integrated needle

Material: Aluminum alloy material

Power Interface: RCA

Rated Voltage: 10V DC

Rated Power: 5.0W

Nominal Torque:5.0 mNm

Work Voltage: 4 - 12V

Needle Stroke: 4mm

Needle Depth: 0 - 3.5mm

Weight: 160g

Voltage speed: 8V speed 11000RPM



What's in the box?


Sedimy Hidden Wireless Tattoo Machine * 1pc

RCA Cable * 1pc

Type - C Cable * 1pc

Tattoo Machine Kit Manual * 1pc

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