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Sedimy Portable Tattoo Kit, Rose Tattoo Kit ROK01 Gift Sets

Sedimy Portable Tattoo Kit, Rose Tattoo Kit ROK01 Gift Sets

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Sedimy Rose tattoo machine pen is designed to give you the closest feel to an actual pen that you can get with a tattoo machine. You can use this pen to do tattooing, permanent eyebrows makeup, eye line and so on. 




  • Well-rounded rotary tattoo machine designed for utmost accuracy and control.
  • CNC-Machined by aircraft Aluminium alloy and then anodized finish, the Rose Tattoo Pen is an all-round tattoo pen that can be used for lining, shading and colour packing.
  • Employs a 10w motor made in Japan, low noise, strong and stable to work, no hot for a long time working.
  • Long-lasting stability. Employs a powerful motor and an advanced special mechanism that makes a good direct hit together with enough softness.
  • This top-class piece of tattoo equipment is featured in this elite list due to its low noise operation, durability, compactness, unibody design, and compatibility with all the standard cartridge needle types available on the market.
    • Color: Black/ Rose Gold
    • Material: Aerospace aluminum alloy
    • Needle Stroke: 0 - 4.0mm
    • Needle Length: 3mm (Adjustable)
    • Starting Voltage:4.0V
    • Working Voltage: 5-12V
    • Interface: DC Jack plug cable
    • Voltage Speed:
    • 12V - 9500r/m
    • 10.5V - 8000r/m
    • 9V - 7000r/m
    • 8V - 6000r/m
    • 7V - 5000r/m
    • 6V - 4000r/m
    • 5.5V - 3500r/m
    Sedimy Tattoo Kit ROK01 Package Include:
    1. Sedimy Rose Tattoo Pen * 1pc
    2. Digital Tattoo Power Supply * 1pc
    3. Power Adapter * 1pc
    4. Power Foot Pedal * 1pc
    5. Tattoo Needle Cartridges (1203RL/1209RM ten each) * 20pcs
    6. 15 ml Premium Tattoo Ink (True Black ) * 1pc
    7. Ink Cups in mixed size (Large, Medium, Small) * 100pcs
    8. Non-slip Grip Bandage (2.5x450cm) * 1pc
    9. User Manual * 1pc

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    Customer Reviews

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    David buck
    Great gun for beginner!

    as a tattoo artist,this was the best purchase I’ve made yet. Easy to use, great beginner gun, good quality, the ink is as great as the gun. Colors pop nice, minimal skin irritation, came intact no leaks or spills. Overall a great purchase