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Sedimy Professional Tattoo Kit, Aurora Tattoo Pen Kit Gift Set

Sedimy Professional Tattoo Kit, Aurora Tattoo Pen Kit Gift Set

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As a popular tattoo pen kit among tattoo artists worldwide, Sedimy Aurora tattoo pen was manufactured after over three years of research and meticulous design. The professional tattoo pen is crafted with aluminum alloy with an anodized finish so you get a natural grip, much like when holding a real pen.


  • Sedimy Aurora tattoo machine has an ergonomic, pen-like shape. Compared to the pen, however, the Aurora boasts more power and softer handling.
  • Drive the silicone integrated needle to rotate at 7000 rpm, easy to lining, shading and colour packing, suitable for various styles.
  • Imported high-speed and strong torque motor, unique internal design concept, solves the problems of traditional tattoo pens, such as easy suffering fatigue, color leakage, uneven fogging, etc.
  • The Rose pen has smooth needle out, more ink entry, even fogging, smaller skin lesions and smoother color.


    • Motor: High stability and powerful motor
    • Starting Voltage: 5.0V drives the silicone integrated needle
    • Material: Aluminum alloy material, CNC carved processing, fine sand polishing, oxidation coloring
    • Power Interface: RCA
    • Rated Voltage: 10V DC
    • Rated Power: 5.0W
    • Nominal Torque:5.0 mNm
    • Work Voltage: 7-11V
    • Needle Stroke: 3.2mm
    • Needle Protrusion: 0-4.5mm
    • Weight: 127g
    • Voltage speed: 8V speed 5950RPM, 10V speed 7000RPM, 10V speed 10000RPM

      GTattoo Gift Sets AUK01 Includes:

      1. Sedimy Aurora Tattoo Pen * 1pc
      2. Aluminum Alloy Digital Tattoo Power Supply * 1pc
      3. Power Cable * 1pc
      4. Foot Pedal * 1pc
      5. Mix Tattoo Needles * 20pcs (1003RL/1205RL/1207RM/1009M1 five each)
      6. Transfer Paper * 5pcs
      7. Small Thickness Tattoo Practice Skin * 1pc
      8. Non-slip Bandage * 2pcs (2.5x450cm each roll)
      9. Large Size Gloves * 1pc
      10. Tattoo Machine Kit User manual * 1pc
      11. Tattoo Toolbox (33*27*8cm) * 1pc


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