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Sedimy Transfer Stencil Paper 100pcs

Sedimy Transfer Stencil Paper 100pcs

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The transfer pattern is clear, not easy to wipe off, and it lasts for a long time on the skin. It has the advantage of making large pictures, which is convenient for tattoo artists to work, and can be used with transfer paste and transfer gel.

The paper is a 4-ply sheet that includes the master sheet, protective- tissue, carbon, and backing sheet.
Size: 280*215mm

1. Flip the transfer paper over to the blue sheet, with the dull side facing up
2. Put the pattern that needs to be transferred (prints, copies, prints and other materials and paper patterns) face up, put it on the blue side of the transfer paper that does not shine, and use a pen to outline the lines of the pattern, The pattern can be moved freely on the transfer paper. After the lines are hooked, lines that can be transferred will appear on the back of the pattern. The operation method is similar to that of carbon paper.
3. Apply the transfer paste evenly to the part that needs to be operated, only need a light layer, and then place the outlined line (the back of the pattern) on the part where the transfer paste is wiped and press down evenly. Be careful not to move the position, otherwise there will be heavy lifting. film. This way the pattern is completely imprinted on the skin.
4. Start working normally after drying, the pattern at this time is not easy to be damaged even during operation.

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